Autodesk Navisworks Course

Auodesk Navisworks software is part of the BIM Process (building information modeling) and with the construction market developing that fast the BIM Process and digitalization it will be a must for all of the construction businesses and manufacturers. Now is the time to start learning Navisworks which is part of the BIM Process, and what has to offer.

This extensive Autodesk Navisworks Training Course covers the essential skills required to use Autodesk Navisworks to generate renders, construction simulation (4D/5D), clash detection tests and materials take-offs. You will also learn how to use Navisworks Toolset to add and coordinate the model for clash detection. Using Navisworks it will gain you time and you will have a better understanding of the BIM Environment.

2 Day Course

Autodesk Navisworks Course

Day 1

1. Getting Started with Autodesk Navisworks
2. 3D Model Review
3. Time Liner
4. Animator
5. Scripter

Day 2

6. Quantification
7. Clash Detective
8. Autodesk Rendering

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