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DIGITAL HUB is created to help you  digitize your SCAN, starting by translating data and allowing you to design more efficient, quicker, optimize cost, following a well defined BIM Process.


When Designing we are aware of the importance of space into a building and our attention to accuracy is mandatory. 

We are working close to your team and help you with CONSULTATION in your projects. 


Based on your SCAN and with your 3D DATA you can have a great INSIGHT of your project starting with a simple walkthrough, 3D Visualization , project data, design changes, issues, quantities, planning, costs… 


-.RCP file

-.RVT file


-.DWG Floor Plans


-.RVT Area Plan

-3D Rendering


Our mission is to deliver 3D digitized buildings much efficient, quicker, optimize cost, following a well defined BIM Process, globally.

We are starting with your SCAN and we are going 100% BIM

SCAN TO BIM (BEP)-Business Execution Plan – is defining the strategy to be followed when working on a project.

BEP – is including the  relevant information that help us to manage and coordinate the process since we start working on in.

The first step into SCAN TO BIM Process is to evaluate the file and run a Quality Check to be ready to start.

1.1 Scanned File format

1.2 Indexing xyz file in Autodesk Recap

1.3 Autodesk RECAP Quality

1.4 Check for missing data

Next step into SCAN TO BIM process is to define the project type:

1.1 Historical Buildings

1.2 Infrastructure

1.3 Industrial

1.4 Residential

1.5 Technical Rooms

1.6 Hospital

1.7 Casino

1.8 Hotel

1.9 Commercial

1.10 Office

1.11 Data Center


1.1 Architecture

1.2 Architecture + Furniture

1.3 Architecture + MEP

1.4 Architecture + Furniture +MEP

1.5 MEP

1.6 Infrastructure


All the BIM OBJECTS to be defined in in the ‘BIM OBJECT’ paragraph

DIGITAL HUB can span a variety of meter squared projects.

Defining the size of the project is allowing us to better evaluate it.

Autodesk Revit 2019+

Autodesk RECAP

Autodesk AutoCAD 2019+

Autodesk DWG True Viewer

Autodesk Cloud Collaborate

Navisworks 2020+

Coordination it is of high importance and needs to be defined from the start in BEP.

Defined Site Coordinates based on scanned fine or in Revit.

LOD (Level of Detail) – When we speak of the level of detail, we are only referring to the graphic representation of the family. A family with a low level of detail has, for example, a simple geometric shape such as a cube or a cylinder and will not contain any specified equipment. 

LOD (Level of Development)- The level of development comprises both the graphic representation of the family as well as the level of the information that is linked to the family.

LOI (Level of Information)- Information plays a crucial role in an BIM project. The level of information is used to indicate the level of the information that is linked to the family. A family with an extremely high level of information comprises, for example, manufacturer-specific data sheets and a maintenance instruction.

BIM OBJECTS are defined based on level of development. 

Basic Revit Families

Parametric Revit Families

Complex Revit Families

Area View with meter square of each floor and entire building will be created in Revit.

Digitized space, defined based on scanned file will be showed in Revit file, only specified for further development

Before Delivery a Quality Check is Performed:

1.1  Autodesk Revit Version

1.2 File Naming

1.3 SCOPE Established

1.4 Additional Links

1.5 Central Model and Worksets

1.6 Standardized Revit Families +LOD

1.7 Standard Start-UP Sheet

1.8 Standard Revit Template + Views

1.9 Project Browser

1.10 Align and Join

1.11 View Styles

1.12 Purge Project

1.13 CAD Export

1.14 3D Image

We are delivering :

1.1 RECAP File

1.2 Revit File (Version)

1.3 CAD File for each Floor Plan

1.4 RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plan) CAD File for each Floor Plan

1.5 CAD Area File 

1.6  Project Overview 3D Image



100% BIM

Our determination and experience is what drives us when working on a project

Autodesk Certified Professional


A well coordinated and managed BIM process brings huge benefits to the delivery of construction projects today,  faster delivery ,much accurate, and smaller costs.