Autodesk Fabrication Part Course


Autodesk Fabrication Part Course

Autodesk Fabrication Course

Autodesk REVIT Software is often associated with BIM (building information modeling) and with the construction market developing that fast the BIM Process and Digitalization it will be a must for all the construction businesses and manufacturers. Now is the time to start learning REVIT and what has to offer.

This extensive Autodesk Revit Fabrication Part Training Course covers the essential skills required to use Autodesk Revit and the additional software to create the design and documentation for Building Services Engineers. You will also learn how to create the Revit Fabrication Part Library using the Autodesk Fabrication Suite CADMEP / ESTMEP / CAMDUCT and how to modify and use them, within your model and extract data through schedules. Using Revit it will gain you time and you will have a better understand of the BIM Environment.

2 Day Course

Autodesk Fabrication Part Course

Day 1

1. Utilize Revit MEP Fabrication parts and assemblies to create various shop drawings to be utilized in the field.

2. Understand workflow strategies to use Revit throughout the entire MEP process.

Day 2

8. Demenstrate the use of Fabrication CADMEP to Develop Custom Revit Fabrication Part for each Project.

9. Learn about 3rd party Revit Add-In’s that can facilitate faster workflow in creating accurate 3D models

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