Autodesk Introduction to Dynamo Course


Autodesk Introduction to Dynamo Course

Autodesk Dynamo Course

Autodesk REVIT Software is often associated with BIM (building information modeling) and with the construction market developing that fast the BIM Process and Digitalization it will be a must for all the construction businesses and manufacturers. Now is the time to start learning Autodesk REVIT + DYNAMO and what has to offer.

This extensive Autodesk Revit Dynamo Training Course covers the essential skills required to use Dynamo for Revit to extract data from the model and manipulate the design. You will also learn the basics of DYNAMO and it’s usage. Using Revit and Dynamo it will gain you time and you will have a better understanding of the BIM Environment and digitalization.

1 Day Course

Autodesk Dynamo Course

Day 1

1. The Dynamo Interface

2. Nodes and Terminology

3. Dynamo Package

4. Data Management in Dynamo

  • Intro to Lists
  • List Manipulation
  • List Structures

5. Geometry Creation in Dynamo

  • Attractor Points
  • Multiple Attractors
  • Lovers
  • Trigonometry Surface
  • Surface Generation and Panelisation

6. BIM Elements

  • Family Instance
  • Adaptive Objects
  • LunchBox and other Modules

7. Interoperability

  • Levels Data
  • Structural Data
  • Importing Geometry
  • Room Data

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