About us

Autodesk Certified Professional



Who are we and what do we do?

EDDBIM AND DIGITAL is a talented and ambitious   group of engineers who is working within the Construction Industry, BIM Driven for over 10 years. We are 100% devoted to BIM/Digitalization and our entire concentration is centralized on delivering the top services for the construction market starting from Architects up to Manufacturers.

We are providing BIM Implementation, Autodesk Certified Courses, BIM/Software Support and not least our laser scanning buildings DIGITAL HUB is created to help you digitize your projects and assure you support during your project.

We have formed our own design strategy with the sole intent to raise the standard of BIM Solutions.

Beside software and documentation for BIM Levels, Autodesk comes into our help with BIM3 360 cloud, work that makes your Project Model easy to manage, coordinate, verify.

From the beginning

We have started everything with the thoughts of delivering the 100% true BIM Solutions.

Where are we now

In this period of time we are deeply involved in the process and we are always looking to find the best solution for every client.

Time is valuable, knowledge and the best software utilised is making the difference.


Our helpful team service a number of sectors including Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturers for BIM. If you would like to discuss a project or our service in more detail please call us on:

RO : 0040 (0) 740667011                            UK : 0044 (0) 7878834408            

or email us on  contact@eddbim.com