BIM on manufacturers



BIM ON Manufacturers

BIM ON Manufacturers Course covers the essential skills regarding using and creating the proper BIM Objects in your projects. Creating proper Libraries or using the right ADD-IN ‘s for a better collaboration it is mandatory to use the correct information across project.

With that in mind and depending on the stage of the project and the expected deliverables you will use the right families with different LOD.

AEC Industry is undergoing a big transition and it’s heading to a collaborative digital approach with Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is not just a tool but a process that supports virtual design and construction methodologies pulling all stakeholders together throughout the entire design and construction process.

The first step is to analyze the current capabilities of your project or organization, which should include technology, processes and people. An in-depth analysis of each of the fields to be able to define the current level of BIM maturity. The result of this stage is to create a defined starting point for further BIM adoption.

2 Day Course

BIM ON Manufacturers Course :

1. Generate a BIM plan for Manufacturers to develop and sustain BIM Industry with the proper in need BIM Libraries
2. Develop Revit Libraries
3. Develop Revit Fabrication Parts
4. Understand the library usage within the Company

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